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Frequently Asked Questions 

What types of garments do you alter?

We have a collective set of skills spanning across most genres of clothing from wedding to vintage to jeans and into our specialty of jacketing and suiting. Couturist work on all of these genres of clothing on a daily and weekly basis so you items are always in good hands with us.

Do you offer custom tailoring services?

Yes, we have a mixture of deisgners, Dressmakers and Tailors as part of our team so have the ability to tackle any design you would like to achieve. Our aim is not only to create a fit that is perfect for you but also to help you express part of your style and personality that may have gone overseen in previous relationship with your clothing.  

How long does an alteration usually take?

We offer an express/emergency service (please refer Plus Service) however generally we like to have simple alterations a minimum of a week (drop off this week pick up next Friday). More speciality items requiring more attention to detail we generally would like a minimum of a couple of weeks as these take more labour hours to complete at the high standard we aim for.

Can you alter wedding dresses and formal wear?

Yes, Ideally we like good notice before the occasion as these garments can often require a second and sometimes a third fitting depending on the extent of work required.

What is the cost of common alterations?

It is very hard to give an accurate figure for common alterations as to the untrained eye some alterations seem simple however can require more work when on the cutting table and machines. Please refer to our standard price list for some general alterations and their costs. We also have an introduction offer for any new client of a free hem.

Do you offer same-day or rush service?

Yes, this normally will incur a surcharge of 50% for same day (up to 24hrs) or a surcharge of 25% for a 72hr service.

What is your process for fittings?

Depending on the garment we will generally prepare the garment ready for collection unless there is extensive work where fitting are required. If fittings are required then we will quite often prepare the majority of the work completed with a fitting to ensure the garments are fit to perfection before finalising any finishing and closing of the garment.

Do I need to make an appointment for a fitting?

Appointments are always preferred as we value our customers time and would like to avoid people waiting for service. At the end of the day we always value your time and support so if an appointment is hard to arrange please do pop in and we will do our best to see you.

What should I bring to my fitting appointment?

It is always best to bring any items (shirt, cufflinks, shoes, bra’s, undergarments) you would be wearing with the garment to ensure accuracy when measuring and fitting. 

Can you alter leather, suede, or delicate fabrics?

Yes. There are some exceptions e.g older fabrics may be too delicate to work on however even in these cases it may be a case of having to work on areas with delicate hand sewing instead of the more cost efficient machine sewing.

Do you provide alterations for children’s clothing?


How do you handle alterations on garments with beading or embellishments?

We have to take extreme care with beading and embellishments and this in turn generally take more time. Quite often beading requires the extracting and rereading of beads. We always ask for input from the customer as to how they would like the end product to look and gage how to treat and alter the garment accordingly.

What is your policy on alterations for brand new vs. worn garments?

Both new and worn garments are treated exactly the same. All garments are treated with the utmost of care and consideration. We always take pride in looking after peoples garments and every piece is treated like a newborn baby where love and care is at the centre of our interactions. 

Do you offer any guarantees or warranties on your work?

Our goal is to ensure every person leaves our workroom overly-satisfied with our work and our service. If there are any concerns please do contact us and we will do whatever we can to rectify any unsatisfactory work.

What are your payment methods and policies?

We offer most payment methods and will be incorporating AFTERPAY and AMEX in the near future.

Do you offer any discounts for bulk alterations?

We offer a 10% discount for all of our loyal customers

How can I care for my garment after it has been altered?

Care instruction will not differ after a garment is altered. We recommend always aligning the care for your garment with the care instructions that are normally accommodated with your garment. This is normally found on a tag inside the garment or sometimes inside one of the pockets.

What is your return and refund policy?

We always aim to offer the best service possible and take great care with the garments while in our possession. If there is any unsatisfactory work completed then please do contact us as will will always do as much as we can to make sure work completed is up to the highest standards possible.

Can you provide alterations on garments purchased online?

Yes, this is a big part of our business and we work on garments bought online regularly.

Do you offer gift certificates or vouchers for your services?

Yes, a gift certificate for our alteration service, made-to-measure service or the ultimate bespoke experience is a great present! We’d love to help with that special something for the special somebody.

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