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“And, should I put this cloth and suit order down for Miss, Ms., or Mrs.?

From the very beginning, our focus has been on catering to the esteemed lady and how she would like to express her character through the outer layers she creates with us. Not only do we consider the style and silhouette, but also help choose cloth that draw the attention she commands. The colour, texture, and feel of a cloth are crucial characteristics that can significantly influence the impact of a coat, jacket or suit. Alternatively if desired, we can tone down the visual impact and choose to enhance the personal touch and feel the wearer experiences.

We use some of the world’s finest cloths in our creations to foster an inner world of luxury and elite appeal. After all, our focus is not just on the appeal projected in the vicinity of others. Our primary concern is the individual, using every tool at our disposal to aid in our clients’ endeavours.

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