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The House of Dormeuil. Part 10

Updated: May 21

The House of Dormeuil In 1842, when Jules Dormeuil opened his doors to the cloth trade, he could have hardly envisaged the inception of a business that through economic and political challenges would eventually span across the world's five continents, emerging 169 years later as the purveyors of the worlds finest fabrics, and still under the management and ownership of the founding family. This is the House of Dormeuil.

At the mere age of 22, Jules Dormeuil, with his instinctive business insight saw the potential of importing English cloth to sell in France. In 1858, as his inspiration developed, he was joined by his two brothers; Alfred and Auguste. The company expanded year by year and in 1863 took on the name; Dormeull Frères - Dormeuil Brothers, with cloth now being exported from Africa to Asia.

It was not before long that Jules Dormeuil's three sons, Andre, George and Ernest joined the company, and growth ensued. With the ongoing search for new markets and outlets, territories and countries were explored and developed, a store was opened in New York in the early 1880s and with a perpetually increasing supply chain to its credit, the name Dormeuil was soon established in every corner of the world.

Trade in the 20th Century boomed. The company weathered the devastation of the First World War, and entered the roaring 20s at full steam, establishing itself as an international fashion house, launching "Sportex" - the first cloth to have a written selvedge. In 1926, the magnificent "Dormeuil House" was opened just off Regent Street, in the heart of London's finer textiles area. From this building Dormeuil centered its worldwide operation capitalising on fine English cloths, developing unique designs and creating innovative collections. 1956 saw the advent of "Tonik", a new 3-ply mohair cloth that became famous around the world with sales spanning some five decades.

The years after the Second World War presented the world with a new concept of buying suits and tailored clothing, in the form of Ready-to-Wear. This created a challenge to the textile trade and Dormeuil alike.

The 60s also saw a vivid change in men's fashion that gathered pace each year and was reflected in the company's collections, aided by improved spinning and weaving techniques that continued to evolve in the years ahead.

150 years in business was achieved in 1992 and this incredible accomplishment, of a modern family-owned business, was recognised by the dipping of lights on Paris' landscape icon - the Eiffel Tower.

Over the years the House of Dormeuil's worldwide reputation as a supplier of the finest luxury cloths extended its textiles to Haute Couture collections of the leading fashion houses around the globe, and continue to develop limited edition cloths of extraordinary luxury. Vanquish II, Guanashina® and Pashmina® are just a few of the most magnificent cloths ever conceived by Dormeuil. The company's diversification into a full line of clothing and accessories has seen the opening of Dormeu stores and boutiques across the globe, starting a new chapter in the dawn of the 21st century, and emulating the House of Dormeuil's continued impression on more than 169 years of style and elegance to the fashion industry •

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