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Don't settle for off the rack, get tailored confidence instead 

Express yourself through the layers you wear!


We offer premium made-to-measure services that provide you with clothing tailored to your exact measurements and preferences.


At Couturist, we specialize in precise and professional alterations to ensure your garments fit perfectly.

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"At The Couturist, we bring over 50 years of combined experience in the industry, having worked with labels from Uniqlo to prestigious names like Brioni, Camali, and Balmain.


Every stitch is crafted with care to reflect our customers' unique character. We ensure that the length, fit, and comfort of each garment enhance both its aesthetic and expressive appeal."

Justin Pollheim - Managing Director 

Empower Yourself

The way we dress influences how we feel, and how we feel shapes the way we present ourselves to others.


At The Couturist, we take pride in this belief and strive to help our customers achieve their desired look and confidence through expertly tailored attire.


Dress to Impress:
Fit Your True Character

Discover the pinnacle of personalized attire with our made-to-measure suit tailoring and bespoke clothing services. Our expert team prides itself on crafting outfits that are not just a fit but a statement of your unique character.

From professional suit alterations to creating custom-fitted suits, we use the world's finest cloths to help dress you to impress. When you choose our services, you're not just wearing clothes; you're expressing your individuality with every thread.

Let us transform how the world sees you, one impeccable stitch at a time.

Tailoring for Ladies 

"I couldn't believe how many comments I got on how amazing my blazer looked. Justin did a fabulous job making it and it fits perfectly.


I love it. Thanks so much. Well worth it. I'll be back for any thing else I need made or altered."

Google Review 5.0 Stars 



Dress Alterations

Items of clothing include suits - dresses - skirts - trousers - jeans - shirts - blouses - jackets - coats - blazers - vests - sweaters - cardigans - jumpsuits - overalls - gowns - tuxedos - shorts - t-shirts - rompers - hoodies - tank tops - blouses - waistcoats - trench coats - ponchos - capes - leggings - sweatpants - pajamas - robes - camisoles - cardigans - windbreakers - raincoats - polo shirts - sports bras - and formal gowns. Alterations that can be done by a tailor or alteration shop include hemming - taking in or letting out the waist - shortening or lengthening sleeves - adjusting shoulders - taking in or letting out seams - replacing zippers - adding or removing pockets - resizing - altering necklines - tapering legs - repairing tears or holes - adjusting hemlines - replacing buttons - adding darts - altering the fit of the bust - taking in or letting out the hips - adjusting the rise - altering the fit of the armholes - replacing or adjusting shoulder pads - altering cuff widths - taking in or letting out side seams - resizing the collar - adding gussets - replacing linings - adjusting the fit of the crotch - creating pleats - adding or removing ruffles - altering the length of straps - taking in or letting out the bodice - altering the fit of the yoke - repairing or replacing interfacing - adding monograms or embroidery - shortening or lengthening the rise of pants - converting a dress into a skirt or top - creating or altering slits - adding or removing cuffs - resizing elastic waistbands - reinforcing seams - and adding or removing belt loops. 


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122 Gilbert St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

(08) 8231 5993

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Opening Hours

Tues - Fri: 9:30am - 5:30pm
Sat: 10am - 1:30pm
Sun-Mon: Closed

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